Lisara Restall
Lisara Restall
Voiced by Aya Endo

(Japanse Voice actor)

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Other attributes

Lisara Restall is the heroine of the series. A grim reaper who makes a deal with Ryosuke and uses his perverted-"spirit" for energy. She wields a scythe called "Carnun Pladur" which channels the element of fire. She used the hilt of the Broken Sword Gram (belonging to the Restall family) to form a contract with Ryosuke.

Appearance Edit

Lisara is most known for her bright red hair and eyes. She has a slim body and she wears stockings.


Lisara as described by her friends as self-centered and likes to talk down among people. She is straightforward, somewhat aggressive, and very fiery. She is also quite mean to Ryosuke but due to jealousy, her behavior starts to change.


Lisara at the begining of the series was sent from Grimmworld to the human world to find the special specimen.


Ryosuke KagaEdit

As forming a contract with Ryosuke, Lisara feels uneasy of him due to his perverse nature. Despite this she slowly learns that Ryosuke cares for her very much willing to protect her from the dangers in their fights. She ends up liking Kaga, but refuses to accept it. In the anime she confesses and kisses him in the final episode and they become a couple